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Bible Discussion

Studium Scripturae

The Bible
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This community is about the Bible. The goal is to foster an intelligent and respectful discussion of the Bible and its surrounding literature. The primary focus is academic, but spiritual readings are also acceptable, so long as members don't post them exclusively. (A post or comment that is considered academic is one that may be faith-based, but can also be backed up by an argument. A spiritual reading is one that relies on faith or personal conviction alone.) People of all faiths and no faith are welcome to discuss here, and respectful questions are always welcome.

On livejournal, it seems that there are some religion communities that are heavily faith-based with little focus on academics and others that are heavily academic with little focus on faith. The goal of this community is to follow what Biblical Studies usually represents outside of livejournal: an intersection of faith and academics.

The following acts are not allowed and could result in being banned from the community:

• Obvious trolling
• Flames, name-calling and other disrespectful or derogatory comments (no matter what the situation)
• Profanity
• Posts and comments that are disrespectful (using a fairly loose definition) toward the Bible or anyone's personal beliefs.
• Sorry, no prayer requests. If you have a prayer request, please do post them in christianity, catholicism, or any number of prayer request communities.

Check with the moderator before promoting a community.

Introductions upon joining the community are welcome.

Finally, unlike many other communities for the study of the Bible, this community does not prohibit the discussion of deuterocanonical books, or even of non-canonical books. On the contrary, discussion of these books is encouraged, along with questions of canon, inerrancy, inspiration, and especially translation and interpretation.